Examining the inner workings of XML and NIEM

Thursday, October 25, 2012

New NIEM Training videos resource site launched

A series of videos are now available online that provide training and illustrate various aspects of NIEM information exchange development.

Learn how to build a working XML query/response system with SQL database accessing and XML components from example NIEM schema and dictionary.

Software development practitioners, business analysts and managers will find the materials accessible and valuable in showing the decision making processes that go into constructing a working XML exchange.

Materials are focused on practical implementers, after viewing the instruction material you can use the open source tools and apply to your own SQL to XML use cases and information exchange projects.

All the SQL and XML code, editor tools, dictionary and instructions that accompany the tutorial videos are also available for download so you can try everything yourself. 

See the NIEM Training Videos site to access the NIEM training resources.

And the open source project web site (sponsored by Oracle) contains the tools, downloads and supplemental technical materials and quick guide manuals.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

CAMV and TEAM Engine (Test, Evaluation, And Measurement) suite development

The CAMV engine is ideal for rapidly developing Test, Evaluation, And Measurement (TEAM) test suites for XML information exchanges.  The concise CAM rules syntax leverages XPath v2.0 capabilities. This means that rules are declarative along with acting directly on the XML structure and hence this dramatically simplifies rule assertions. 

Coupled to this is the ability of the CAM Editor visual IDE to automate much of the tasks involved in test suite and Compliance and Interoperability Testing development and implementation.  This includes automatic harvesting of rules from existing XSD schema definitions, automatic generation of XML test instances with realistic test data hints, and generation of HTML documentation of the business rules. Then rule entry wizards simplify the task of rule entry and are accessible via a "right click" popup menu tool directly from the XML instance structure viewer in the CAM Editor IDE. Compliance test rules are implemented in XPath language syntax that can be run interactively in the CAM Editor IDE against XML test instances and results visually diagnosed. 

Completed rules templates may then be deployed via ANT scripts as automated test suites for validation of arbitrary XML information exchange samples.  The ANT scripts support use of drop folders, so any test cases dropped into the designated folder will then be inspected and validated against the applicable rules templates.

For more information on utilizing these techniques and tools, along with sample Test Suites please see the Sourceforge.net resources site for the CAM tools - and the CAMV Test Suites link.

Friday, June 29, 2012

CAM XML Editor version 2.2.1 now available

CAM Editor v2.2.1 release is now available. Lots of nice enhancements, CAMV performance boost and important bug fixes for DoD, NIEM and LEXS schema.

Download is available from the CAM XML Editor Resource Site.

The CAM editor is the leading open source XML Editor/Validation/Schema designer for rapidly building and deploying complete XML information exchanges. Provides a visual WYSIWYG structure with rule entry wizards and drag and drop dictionary components.

Will import, analyze and refactor existing XML Schema.

Oracle is a proud sponsor of the project and its use on the NIEM.gov initiative.

Creates XSD schema + JAXB bindings, Mindmap or UML models (XMI), XML test suite examples, HTML documentation + spreadsheets (NIEM IEPDs). XSD schema export in default, flatten, NIEM, and OASIS modes. Generates canonical component dictionaries from schema sets, ERwin models, or spreadsheets.

Monday, May 21, 2012

CAM v2.2 release with multi-lingual support taking NIEM international

New release now available with French, Spanish, Russian, Norwegian, Chinese and Japanese support from http://www.cameditor.org

Complete highlights include the following:
o International localization language support for menus and screens
o JAXB binding and ConTessa support for XSD schema export
o Better XSD schema importing and exporting
o Dictionary collection manager wizard
o Better dictionary namespace handling
o Better UML physical model export to XMI 2.1.2 (now works with popular UML tools)
o CAMV validation engine support for W3C DOM and extended API options

Notice the Dictionary Collection Manager tool uses enhanced namespace techniques. Please download the latest NIEM dictionary pack from Sourceforge files to take advantage of these.